About this website and its template

An IndieWeb personal website

This website is the primary online identity for Edward Maesen, designed according to principles of the IndieWeb.
The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards, based on the principles of owning your domain, using it as your primary identity, to publish on your own site (optionally syndicate elsewhere), and own your data.
With this website I'm "dogfooding" my open-source website template. (see below)
The term "dogfooding" is an IT slang for the use of one's own products.

Open-source website template

This website was created using an open-source website template that I wrote. The template is available to use freely under an MIT license.
The functional foundationJavaScript/CSS/HTML source code for this website is available on GitHub: GitHub repository. It consists of a mobile-friendly website (devoid of content) plus a content management system that can be used to populate the website's pages with content. The site content is static and can be deployed on any web server.
This project is intended for people with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of JavaScript and website development. Either to use as a basis to create a personal website for themselves, or to use as a design template to create websites for others.
The website template is written in JavaScript, using the Vue.js framework and Gridsome static file generator.
Strapi is used as headless Content Management System (CMS).
You can manage your blog locally, with full control over the code and your content, and deploy a generated set of static files to your web host of choice.
Choosing/changing an ISPInternet Service Provider is trivial because all content and code is in your own hands and the generated set of website files can be handled by any flavor of web server.

Privacy Policy

I value and respect security and privacy and therefor this website:
  • is served over a secure connection;
    • ("https" - identified by a padlock or similar icon next to this site's URL in your browser window)
  • processes the minimum amount of information required to operate and display content on this site

This website does not:

  • use data-transmitting "cookies" or "web beacons"
  • collect or transmit a visitor's personal information
  • embed analytics trackers
  • embed tag managers
  • embed JavaScript code from social networks
  • display ads or connect to an ad network

This website does:

  • store your color mode preference;
    • (only if you switched the color mode by clicking the icon in the top-right corner of each page)
    • the preference is stored in your browser's "local storage" and is not accessible anywhere else

This website may:

  • embed YouTube videos within a sandboxed iframe;
    • (only after you intentionally click the video's preview image)

This website's Internet Service Provider does:

  • store standard non-personal internet-access information that's controlled and transmitted by your browser when you request access to pages on this website;
    • (this is aggregated by the ISP in anonymous statistical access data logs)
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