Duality is illusion

Mon, Jan 4, 2021
Duality is a mental construct.
The human mind has created a world of duality or polarity; black and white, good and bad, warm and cold. These are not absolute opposites; they describe relative conditions.
Warm and cold for instance are not absolute. Take an object A that is 200° and an object B that is 15°. A is considered warm and B is cold. But if we take that same object B and a third object C that is -10°, then B is warm and C is cold. If we bring either two objects in contact with each other, they will change in temperature until they are both equal in temperature. Warm and cold by themselves do not exist. They are conceptual creations of the mind to describe relative conditions.
Similarly, good and bad do not exist by themselves. But what to think of a man who kills another man? Isn’t this bad? Ultimately —in Divine mind— no. It is an action, which by its very nature will activate the laws of karma. What you sow, you will harvest. But the law of karma should not be confused with spiritual law. In spiritual law there is no judgment. There is no good or bad, guilty or not guilty.
Spiritual law is living in Grace. The Christian Bible clearly shows the difference between karma and Grace: the Old Testament describes the karmic law (although mistaken by many people as a judging, revengeful god), the New Testament —in the teachings of Jesus Christ— describes Spiritual law, living in Grace.
When people hear about the illusion of duality, they tend to go look for examples where they think duality does exist, examples where it is difficult to see the illusion. This tendency is typical, because even though most people live in illusion, this illusion is a structure that creates stability in their life. When cracks start to appear in this structure, people try to hold on. They don’t want to let go of their seeming stability.
People resist change. But change is the ultimate stability that remains when the veils of illusion are lifted. Life is change, life is flow.
Originally published in 2002 on one of my previous websites
reference: https://epvm.name/p/articles/duality-is-illusion/
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