Spiritual Healing

Mon, Jan 4, 2021
Transcendence of intent is the basis of spiritual healing.
A method like Reiki is hands-on healing in which the practitioner channels universal energy through his/her hands to the client. With Reiki II, people learn three secret symbols that help them to increase the channeled energy, to direct it to the mental realm or to use it at a distance. The symbols work, however, it is not the symbols in themselves but the intent of the practitioner that actually accounts for the healing effect. The symbols are basically means to focus the practitioner’s intent. As soon as the practitioner is able to focus his intent by himself, he does not need the symbols anymore. What is more, by not using the symbols he is able to fine-tune his intent to his clients needs. This increases the healing effect the client will perceive.
A practitioner using intent to direct healing energy is still working in the realm of human will. However powerful, this is not true spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is surrender to Divine will. The practitioner has to let go of all intent and simply has to “hold space” for the client, becoming still, going within, opening to the Divine. There is a fine line here: the practitioner does not even have intent for the client to receive healing. This may seem paradoxical, because undoubtedly, the practitioner is seeing the client to enable the latter to receive healing. The keyword in the last sentence is “enable”. Enabling a client to get healing, creating the right environment is different from intending a client to get healing. The latter is based on human will. The former is based on Divine will.
Surrender to Divine will is the basis of spiritual healing.
Originally published in 2002 on one of my previous websites - with minor changes
reference: https://epvm.name/p/articles/spiritual-healing/
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