Truth and illness

Mon, Jan 4, 2021
Truth is eternal. Anything that is not eternal can not be Truth.
What is truth? Something that is true now must also be true tomorrow and must have been true yesterday. Truth is not limited to a period in time. What is true now was always true and will always stay true. Truth is eternal.
The realization that Truth is eternal is of major importance to transcend human karmic law and enter spiritual law. Once you understand that Truth is eternal, you realize that anything that is not eternal can not be Truth.
Illness, for instance, is not Truth, it is an illusion. If you felt well yesterday, and today suddenly feel ill, it is not True that you are ill. “But I feel it in my body” you will probably say. Yes, but that is because you are still under the influence of karmic law, entertaining the belief that there are powers other than the one spiritual Power. There is no power operating outside of your consciousness.
The human body itself is not the Truth, but is an illusion. Or I should say; the material body is an illusion. You do not have a material body! You have a sense of a material body.
There is no outside power to govern your body. You can not be affected by illness. You are not healthy because your body is healthy. No, your body is healthy when you are healthy, meaning when you realize that your body is not material, that you only have a sense of a material body.
There does not exist an outside power (illness) to affect your body. You govern your body through the realization of True identity.
Originally published in 2002 on one of my previous websites
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