Vibrational Healing

Mon, Jan 4, 2021
Vibrational healing is healing through silence, the distant residue of sound.
Vibrational healingThe word "healing" is used in the context of "the natural process by which the body repairs itself". is often described as healing through the use of sound. Either the sound of the voice, animated instruments like the didgeridoo or drum, or inanimate instruments like a tuning fork or synthesizer.
The voice, animated instruments and inanimate instruments are in decreasing order able to “reflect” the condition of the client. Besides their own characteristic qualities (determined by vocal cords or shape of instrument for instance), they can add a dimension that is helpful to improve the condition of the client.
A healer has in general a recognizable voice, but the specific sounds or melodies that are used with a certain client depend on the condition of that client in that moment of time. The same principle applies for instance for a didgeridoo: it has a certain base-tone, but the specific over-tones and effects that are created depend on the client. Partly it is the healer who creates these sounds, but partly it is the instrument itself that allows certain sounds to emerge.
The more a healer is in tune with the instrumentThis includes his/her voice, or the more animated an instrument is, the more the healer will be able to let the instrument play its own sounds in reflection of the client.
The sounds that are used in a healing session induce a shift in consciousness that helps the clients to get unstuck from their belief in disease or misfortune. Actually, it is not the sounds; it is the no-tone in between tones that has a healing effect. It is the silence that takes clients back to their pure state of being.
Silence; this is not the absence of sound. Silence is the distant residue of sound (just like space is the distant residue of matter). In order to have the client experience the silence, there has to be sound first. Since the source of creation is sound (“in the beginning was the word”), this condition is always met.
The use of sound in a healing session is therefore not necessary, if the healer can tune in to the source of creation. In doing so, the healer will resonate with the silence and induce this resonance in the clients also. The clients will experience, however shortly, their pure state of being.
A reason for a healer who is able to tune in to the silence, to still use sound, is that this often helps to disorient and quiet the mental chatter of clients. But true healing comes through silence.
Vibrational healing is healing through the use of silence.
Originally published in 2002 on one of my previous websites
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